Thursday, March 3, 2011

Synopsis #1 of "Something Borrowed"

Hello All! I have to say that I could barely put this book down long enough to fill you all in. It's such a page turner. The author ,Emily Griffin, has everything to do with the fact that I have gone on a 24 hour hiatus, locked in my room with no food or drink and just a copy of MY "Something Borrowed". Emily is a unique writer as she starts the story of with the main climax. The story is about the friendship between two best friends Rachel and Darcy. They grow up together in Indiana. After college they end up in New York where Rachel, the smart, not as pretty one finishes out her law degree. She goes on to work in a big firm. Darcy, always the pretty and glamorous one, gets a high profile job at a PR firm in the city. They story starts out with Rachel, accidently, sleeping with Darcy's fiance Dex. Rachel and Dex went to law school togther. They formed a friendship. Rachel had a crush on Dex but never thought she was good enough for him. She introduces him to Darcy and two years later they get engaged. Cut to Rachel's 30th birthday and several tequila shots later and a slightly intoxicated two stop Cab ride with Dex turns into a one stop cab ride. Before you know the two have awakened the next morning to a beautiful NY and awakened feelings. So far the affair is one for the record books, with Dex trying to decide whether to break the wedding off with Darcy. I see this story line as having a falling climax, which is very interesting. I will fill you all in with another update soon! Till next time!

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