Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Something Blue"

Where have you been all my life? My thoughts extactly when it comes to the Emily Giffin book series. I have finished "Something Blue". It was different seeing Darcy's view of things. I felt like I was right there with here going through the growing pains of becoming a mother and a better friend. I have pulled a discussion question from the reading group guide. Please feel free to leave your point of views(POV) and ideas. My main goal is to start a disscusion. If you havent read the book yet feel free to comment on other, related topics.

"Many readers of "Something Blue" expressed doubts at being able to read and enjoy a book from Darcy's point of view. Were you reluctant to read her story? Did your feelings about her ever change? If so at what point in the story?

I found this question very thought provoking. I am a TRUE Rachel fan, so it took a lot of patience at times to relate to Darcy. Darcy does transition wonderfully from a villain to a heroin in her story. I believe Ethan played a major role in this. His presence made her character come alive. My feelings toward Darcy did not change till very late in the game. I didnt feel any empathy towards her until that exact moment when she delivers her twins in the hospital. Her character becomes very vonerable at this point. Then an only then can she really let go of all her anger and misplaced feelings toward Rachel and Dex. She realizes and excpets that she has faults as well. In the end we are all "not perfect". There is knowledge and strenth in knowing that about ones self.

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