Sunday, October 2, 2011

AskMissA: My new adventure!

Hey everyone! I decided to start living one of my dreams, not just talk about it. I have always wanted to write and have people read my writing. I recently stumbled upon an amazing online womans magazine called It allows todays modern woman, wheather you are a mom or a single gal, to stay in "The Know". Writers from all over the country contribute to their specific home city. I landed the Annapolis Author position last week. I am very excited to say the least. I've had my first article posted already. Make sure to check out the site as soon as possible. Click on Maryland and look for the woman wearing the blue flower in her hair. Thats my trademark. Also, I will be recouping my blog soon as well. Please let me know any ideas you may have. I am not the most computer savvy. Till next time!