Thursday, July 1, 2010

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

I'm back guys! I took a short break to collect my thoughts, and have come to a decision. For right now I will be writing about the books I read. I have recently rediscovered my LOVE of reading and writing. It is something that brings me joy and relaxation. It's my escape! Recently I finished the book Firefly Lane! This book gets 4 out of 5 stars. It brought back memories of my own adolescents and brought tears to my eyes with it's flowing words. It is about two girls named Kate and Tully. They find each other or shall I say life's twists and turns bring them clashing together. I have pulled some themes and questions from Kristin Hannah's own blog site about this book. They really made me think. I will discussing and answering different questions. Please let join in on the discussion. I love company! If you have read or are currently reading Firefly Lane let me know. One of the discussion topics that caught my eye was the fact that Tully imediately tells kate a lie in the beginning of the story. She tells Kate that her mother has Cancer and that is why she looks so thin and out of it all the time. We, the readers know the truth, that Tully's mother is a glorified hippie and smokes marijuana everyday. She has done everything to Tully including abandonment. This not so little lie really cultivates and molds the character. It's as if Tully feels the need to hide her true life and self. A life of coming home everyday after school to a mother who doesn't want her and a bowl of cereal for dinner (to be honest some times I have cereal for dinner lol). Either way Tully feels the need to hide her true self from Kate and the rest of the world. I thought about this a lot while reading the story. I believe that we all have felt the need to hide or true lives/selves. I was very blessed growing up to recieve a lot of love and kindness from my mother and father. There was no lack when it came to love in my family. I do remember feeling the need to maybe tell my own little white lies at times though to my friends and school mates. When I was younger I have the distinct memory of switching from a slightly poor inner city school to a predominately rich county school. My parents wanted a better education for me and my siblings. To this day I am greateful for that, but I can remember at times feeling ashamed of where we lived or how we dressed. I can relate to Tully's need to hide behind a lie. Of course now that I am older I look back and I am thankful for the struggle and the modest up bringing. I take nothing for granted. I think that Tully and I would be great friends in the fictional world! Kate on the other hand reminds me of someone I am quite fawn off. Her name is Ida. Of course Ida is a fictional name and I will discuss that the next time around. Talk to you soon and go get the book please.

***Also I am still improving on my writing so forgive the randomness please. I want to eventually get a more cohesive theme together!